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“This is what lies behind Eurythmy! The Human Being as a completed form, created out of movement.”    - Rudolf Steiner

January 2018

Dear Friends,


We are excited to announce a new opportunity for Eurythmy training that has come to the West Coast this Fall, and we invite you to be part of a Founding Circle of Support. After many years of hearing questions about where one could do more Eurythmy, we have decided to take up the adventure of creating Pacific Eurythmy, right here in Portland, Oregon!  


Why now?

Over the years we have had many conversations about how to share Eurythmy with more people, and about how this incredible art form is healing for individuals and communities. In this day and age, collaborating and problem-solving in real-time with real people is such an important social gesture. As vital as Eurythmy is, there are so few opportunities for people to learn it!


The roots of this initiative have been growing and deepening here in Portland for a long time -- now is the time for it to start blossoming. And we need your help to make this happen!


Why us?

Initiatives are difficult to get off the ground, but with our experience and the foundation we have laid, we are prepared to take this on! Both of us are fully trained Eurythmists who have been teaching and performing for many years in countries all over the world. We are honored to be working closely with the faculty of Eurythmy Spring Valley, our mentor School, to work towards accreditation. In fact, this part-time training will allow interested students to matriculate into a full-time training at Spring Valley, similar to community college credits transferring to university.

With your help, this West Coast initiative will be affiliated with the only accredited Eurythmy School in the United States.

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Why you?

We are writing to you because you understand the importance of creating healing impulses in this  fractured world. You know how Eurythmy can bring balance to one’s inner and outer life, and help one work more fluidly with others. Eurythmy brings balance, awareness, and beauty to the world.


With your help we can create this important initiative! The start-up costs are approximately $40,000, and we hope to build toward a self-sustaining project as more students join. Your tax-deductible contribution would be directly applied to the expenses of the program, which include paying for teacher time, piano accompanists, and classroom space.


Your gift would extend the reach of social healing that happens through Eurythmy and would help create a full and rich program for our Eurythmy students. It is crucial now, at the launch of the program, to have this seed money as we seek to attract more students who will form the Foundation Class of our program. Gifts of any size would be warmly welcomed. We would be honored to speak with you more about our effort, and thank you most sincerely for your thoughtful consideration.  


With gratitude,


Carrie Mass  (415-686-3719,

Jolanda Frischknecht  (503-924-6254,


The Pacific Eurythmy working group- Francine Adams, Walter Rice, Ali Givens, Don Marquiss




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Your contribution is 100% tax deductible