Pacific Eurythmy will work deeply with the foundations and basic principles of Eurythmy.  We hold warmth, integrity and a commitment to collaboration as the ground from which we work.

What is Eurythmy?

In the early twentieth century, Rudolf Steiner  developed this movement art and characterized it as visible speech and visible song. Eurythmy differs from dance in that each sound has it's own inherent gesture. When we are doing eurythmy, we are moving what lives in the spoken poetry and the played music, rather than to the music or what we interpret the poetry to be.

What is Pacific Eurythmy?

This program  is a part time training, and an opportunity to dive more deeply into Eurythmy. With our multi-faceted curriculum, we will lay a broad foundation for this art form. To enhance and deepen our experience of  Eurythmy our guest teachers will cover the basics in anatomy, painting, music theory, creative speech and geometric form. After completing this first level course, you will be eligible  to continue your training in a full time accredited program. To register please click the link below


Mission Statement

By recognizing the need for Eurythmy and eurythmists in the world, this new initiative exists to provide a way for people to embark on a path of Eurythmy. Pacific Eurythmy will lay a broad foundation focusing on the guidelines created by the Section of the Performing Arts in Dornach, Switzerland. Students may seamlessly move on to the final years of training once they are ready. The multi-faceted curriculum brings various subjects in addition to music and speech Eurythmy with guest teachers in subjects such as anatomy and embryology, painting, music theory, creative speech and projective geometry. We will bring this by teaching with warmth, integrity and a commitment to collaboration between our students and teachers.