Part-time Eurythmy Curriculum

This Part-time Eurythmy program  is an opportunity to dive more deeply into the art of Eurythmy. With our multi-faceted curriculum, we will lay a broad foundation for this art form. To enhance and deepen our experience of Eurythmy our guest teachers will cover the basics in anthroposophy, painting, music theory, creative speech and geometric form. After completing this first level course, you will be eligible to continue your training in a full time accredited program. The first level curriculum will be covered over one and a half years, continuing to the next level will be determined by the faculty.



Basic Movement

Grace, control and agility in stepping
Movement in rhythms
Exercises with copper rods
Group movement of basic geometric forms in space
Concentration exercises

Skills and qualities

Social working
Permeate gestures
Orientation in space
Work ethic – inner will
Moving freely through space

Speech Eurythmy

Gestures of the sounds of speech
Poetic forms for assonance, rhyme and alliteration
Dionysian principles: pronouns
Rhythm in Poetry

Tone Eurythmy

Pitch, Rhythm, beat
Gestures for the tones of the scales

Additional Ongoing work

Music Theory
Anthroposophic studies


Creative Speech
Form drawing
Projective geometry

Anatomy/ Physiology


Student Feedback meeting
Teacher Feed Back meeting
Create Eurythmy “books”