Eurythmy Teaching Faculty

Jolanda Frischknecht trained as a Eurythmist in Dornach, Switzerland at the School of Lea van der Pals. After graduating in 1990 she did a post-graduate year at Eurythmy Spring Valley. After five years of teaching and performing in Switzerland, she moved to Austin TX and co-founded the Austin Eurythmy Ensemble. With the Ensemble she performed and toured for more than ten years in the US, Canada and Europe, while also teaching children at the Austin Waldorf School. She completed her Therapeutic Eurythmy Training in 2012 and moved to Portland, OR.  Since then she has been teaching grades 1 through 8 doing therapeutic work at the Micha-el School and teaching adults at the Micha-el Institute and the Eurythmy Foundation course.  She is a member of Portland Eurythmy.


Carrie Mass, did her Eurythmy training, led by Dorothea Mier, in Spring Valley, New York.  Since graduating in 2002 she has performed with the Austin Eurythmy Ensemble and Portland Eurythmy. She performed Eurythmy in Rudolf Steiner's Mystery Dramas in Spring Valley. Carrie started teaching in 2004 at the Live Oak Charter School in California and the Sebastapol Independant Charter. While in California Carrie worked and performed in several projects with Lemniscate Arts . Carrie moved to Portland and began teaching Eurythmy at the Portland Waldorf School in 2008, where she leads alumni and community eurythmy classes and teaches 1st through 8th grade. She continues to practice, choreograph and perform with Portland Eurythmy.